I think, my major attainment today is Grand Prix at the Internatinal Television Festival "Nutcracker" in Moscow, 2007.

The best Russian and world musicians took part in the festival. I was so scared that it was even hard to imagine I could become an awardee. However, when the contest started I managed not to think about the other participants and concentrated on the music. You know, only feeling the melody and ignoring all the overwhelming worries can give an impulse to calling music into existence. I`m sure this is the idea that helped me to win. I`m thankful to my teachers for the program selection - it played a great role. 

In the finals, after playing "Chardash" on xylophone and vibraphone with the "Moscow Virtuosi" orchestra and maestro Sondetskis, the audience burst into applause. That was the exact moment when I decided to become a musician.

I`m really glad that thanks to music I was lucky to play with the best orchestras and the greatest musicians, such as Vladimir Spivakov, Wilhelmas Chepinskis, Mikhail Hochlov, Andrey Podgorny, Alexandr Skulsky, Victor Kuznetsov.

I`ll carry on practising and I hope that my best achievements are still waiting.