I play xylophone, vibraphone, side-drum and learn to play marimba.
Also I play in an orchestra and in a percussion ensemble.

As a soloist I perform music with an orchestra or concertmaster. Below is my repertoire:
  • W. A. Mozart, Turkish Rondo (A-minor, 2.5 min). III part of Sonata in A-dur, k. 331
  • A. Vivaldi, Summer Storm (III part of the concerto "Summer" from "The Four Seasons" (G-minor, 2.5 min)
  • F. Chopin, Fantaisie-Impromptu (C-sharp minor, 5 min)
  • G. Dinicu, Hora Staccato (E-flat major, 2.5 min)
  • A. Hachaturian, Lezginka from the ballet "Gayane" (A-minor, 3 min)
  • N. Rimsky-Korsakov, The Flight of the Bumblebee from the opera "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" (A-minor, 1.1 min, ed. S.Rakhmaninov) 
  • V. Monti, Chardash (D-minor - D-major, 4 min), xylophone, vibraphone
  • L. Anderson, Fiddle-Faddle (D-major, 3 min)
  • V. Gavrilin, Tarantella from the ballet "Anyuta" (F-minor, 2 min)
  • F. Kreisler, Chinese Tambourine (B-flat major, 4 min)
  • Z. Abreu, Tiko-Tiko (samba) (F-minor, 2 min)

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